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Olmo Calvo, Santander, 1982.

Olmo Calvo began photographing for the newspaper Molotov in 2001 while studying for his advanced Diploma Program in Image Studies in Madrid. Afterwards, in 2004, he was part of the founding committee of the newspaper Diagonal www.diagonalperiodico.net, acting as head of the photography department. Concurrently, he continued his training, thanks to scholarships granted by the Regional Government of Cantabria, studying photojournalism and digital editing at Agencia Cover’s PhotoEscuela in Madrid and the Motivarte Photography School of Buenos Aires.

In 2006 he was cofounder of the SUB photographer’s cooperative in Buenos Aires www.sub.coop, working regularly on photojournalism in Argentina. He has been awarded several international prizes for his work with Sub coop, such as the Cuenca International Art Biennial prize (Ecuador, 2009), and various Latin American Pictures of the Year awards in 2010. His photographs have been published in both national and international media. Presently he works freelance, publishing his work at El Mundo newspapaer (elmundo.es), eldiario.es, elsalto.es, El Salto (saltamos.net), ctxt.es, and other media in Spain, Recently he has been awarded with the Louis Valtueña International Award of Humanitarian Photography 2012, the Mingote ABC International Press Award 2013, the the Louis Valtueña International Award of Humanitarian Photography 2015, the Pictures of the Year General News category 2016.

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